Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - Princesszoe

Hi there, I'm having trouble with my t reg peugeot 206 automatic. When
> it's cold after about a mile there's a bad clunking sound and the car
> seems to change into a low gear and the car has to be stopped and started
> to get it back to normal. At the same time as the 'clunk', which can
> really throw the passengers/driver forward sometimes, the gear lights on
> the dash flash between the 's' and the '*' (frost) indicators. It mentions
> it in my peugeot user guide provided by them but doesn't say why it happens or what
> causes it. When I called they said the part wasn't made any more and it'd
> therefore cost about £900 to fix. Any one else had this prob and do you
> know whats causing it? I'd be very grateful as I feel if they already know
> it's a problem, how can they charge so much to fix it!!

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Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - nico

Assuming the gear box is an AL4 it is going into limp home mode. This could be caused by many things but one of them is that an oil change is needed. The box has a sensor that tells the ECU when the oil needs changing. I gather that the oil should be good for about 120,000 miles. Anyone could change the oil but the ECU must also be reset which is probably a trip to peugeot. If anyone other than peugeot changes the oil make sure the correct one is used. Ordinary ATF won't do - buy the right oil from your dealer.

There are obviously other causes of limp home mode but an oil change would be a comparatively cheap option. If a peugeot dealer does the work they would use their diagnostics gizmo to read any faults. Whatever is wrong will probably require a visit to Mrs Peugeot's garage if only to reset the oil counter.

Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - burhan


I am having Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi Automatic hatchback 2002 model and it has done 72K miles. From past several months I am noticing problem with Sport/Snow Mode Warning light flashing on dashboard. This happens during change of Gear from 3rd to 4th. In my observation this happen if I don't press accelerator pedal hard enough for reaching 4th Gear and/or lingering around 40-45 Mph. Frequency of this is high if engine is cold. The work around I have been doing is to stop the engine and restart which works all the time. But lately I noticed this warning light coming up while traveling on Motor Way at speed of 65-75 Mph and this causes sudden jerk and slow down due to 3rd Gear engagement. This has happened once when I was trying to overtake a slow moving Car and on another occasion when I was trying to increase the speed fast after crossing construction zone on Motorway. What is your suggestion looking at the symtoms? Thank you for your attention and time.

Best Regards,


Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - MLRoss

My wife has a similar problem but worse, the "automatic gearbox fault" warning light shows and the gears slip then stick in a low gear. I took it in to the dealer who changed the oil and charged me for two software upgrades, almost £200, saying if that didn't work it would be a new gearbox.

The car has only done 25,000 in 6 years and this is a disgrace, you should get 100,000 miles from a gearbox minimum with normal use.

The car is out of warranty and I am looking for a trend so if anyone else has this problem please let me know

Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - Georgie712

Hi there, I realise this is an old thread, but im new to this and not really sure what im doing but in need of some advice so im hoping somebody sees this.

In september 2012, I bought a 2001 peugeuot 206 lx 1.4 automatic, from a private dealer with no warranty and after a couple of weeks I noticed that there was always a strong burning smell coming from the bonnet, although it never felt that it got too hot and i couldnt really tell where exactly it was coming from, also when i was driving for the first little while the car over revs, to about 40,000 but only sits on about 30mph (it would prob rev more but the noise worries me and i ease my foot off accelerator) then the car will make a clunk noise n jolt forward slightly, that will happen 3/4 times and then do it one time massively, the car will then make 3 beeps with no lights flashing and then drive normally. I had the engine oil changed and a new filter put in place as it was filthy, hoping this would solve it but it hasn't,

Then i was driving home one night when all the sudden the temparature needle went straight from cold to hot and flashed stopped on the dash, i pulled over got out but the engine was not hot, i called out green flag who looked it over and said he didnt think it was a major problem he thought i probably needed gearbox oil but i had a slight leek from sensor swicth underneath bonnet which was coming from exhaust pipes to engine? and it was cheap to fix but should be replaced.

with this i went to my local garage,explained what had happened they ran a diagnostics and brought up two fault codes:



but he said this would be a cheap fix. he told me to run it for a few days, come back and they would run the test again for free of charge, so I done this.

When I went back to the same garage I saw a different man, I explained to him and he said that it sounded like a problem with my gearbox and if thats the case its best for me to get rid of it :( he said it could possibly be gearbox oil but he highly doubts thats what is making the car over rev and jump forward like that, sounds like its had it.

But Im not sure if that seems right?? Is it really that serious of a problem?

would I not have a light on the dash? Would it not do it the whole time whilst driving?

He ran the diagnostics and said it brought up the coolant fault code and I said but if there was a problem with the gearbox would it not show, so he said hang on let me check something, he tapped something in again and brought up this;



The car is now booked to go back on Monday to have the gearbox oil checked and maybe replaced.

I don't know anything about cars, this is my first car and I am still on a provisional license. I dont want to be caught out, but I will have no idea what anything means or if what they are saying is right.

If anyone could help with advice or what they think about this or what it could be I would be so grateful, I feel like crying, only had it 4 months and cant afford to lose it and buy another, especially after xmas. not a great start to the new year! I was hoping to take my test soon!

Thanks for taking the time to read this


Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - nicnoc

Hi Georgie,

I had a similar problem to you 6 years ago when I privately bought my auto 206.

A few weeks after buying it, the gearbox seemed like it was really struggling to change gear and was overheating a lot.

I took it into a peugeot garage and they knew nothing about the problem so I took it to a specialist automatic gearbox garage, they told me part of the gearbox needed repacing and it needed a new gearstick!!!

I have recently been told that it overheats due to 206's not having 2 fans to cool them down and that this has nothing to do with the gearbox fault.

So anyway, with so many garages telling me different things it seemed nobody knew what the problem actually was so I decided to just use it as it was. it is a pain having to restart the car once it has warmed up and ive got no chance of pulling off from traffic lights or a junction quickly but 6 and a half years later im still driving the same car and it still gets me from a to b.

Peugeot have admitted that this is a common problem with auto gearboxes on 206's but wont do anything about it.

If it is bothering you I would have your gearbox fluid changed like you said and possibly buy a' transmission stop' liquid to stop your gears from sticking in the future (you can get some from ebay for £20).

I am finally thinking about having my gearbox fluid changing to finally fix my car (hopefully) as I'm hoping to sell it.

Once you have the problem fixed I'm sure the car will last for years, mine has never had any problems apart from this and has been a very reliable car.

One last thing, the garage your using doesnt sound too reliable, especially if different people are telling you different things, if you continue to use them try to deal with the same person if you can.

I hope this has helped, if only to put your mind at rest : )

Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - Liz J

Hi I have the exact same problem with my peugeot. It has been going on for about 2 years now. I was wondering what the outcome of your situation was. The 900 pounds is excessive and I may end up selling it instead. Regards Liz

Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - 2001 1.4 Peogeot Automatic

I had the same problem, the ""automatic gearbox fault" warning light shows and the gears slip then stick in a low gear".

The solution to this problem is 2 fold: 1st you need to check the 'Solenoid Shift ' in the gearbox

# 2 : You need to check the Valve Body. Both may need repaired or replacing.

I changed both parts and the problem was gone.

With regard the 'chunk' in the change in between gears, i still have that problem, but i recently got news from a Chevy dealership that told me the following:

The gear slip is caused by a mismatch between the engine’s speed and transmission output speed. Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) makes sure that these two speeds are in line, if the transmission output speed exceeds the engine speed the gear slip kicks in.

I do not know if this applies to Peugeot gear box, but I am currently working with my mechanic to fix it.

I will keep you posted of the situation.

Good luck

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