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Ford Transit - EGR valve - Spospe

Does anyone know if it is possible to disable the EGR valve on a Ford Transit MK7 without bringing on the MIL light?

I know how to do this on a MK5 and a MK6, but the MK7 seems more difficult. I understand why the valve is there, but they do seem fault prone and it would be nice to be able to avoid all the problems that they seem to cause.

Tags: technical issues egr valves DPF vans

Ford Transit - EGR valve - matt1086

i know this is from 2010 i just though i would add to it. i had a transit 2.2 130ps that was having egr problems it would actuate under light boost which caused a little missfire i put a blanking plate on it with a 8mm hole in the centre this cured the missfire and black smoke plus the eml light didnt come on as if you dont drill a hole in it the ecu will throw a fault this doesnt solve the egr problem entirly just slows the recirculation down and stops the nasty build up inside the egr housing on the intake used 1.4mm aluminum cheaper than 120 quid untill it packs in completly and causes a non starter if you have the solenoid type not the vacuum. just a post to help those who havent come accross this before.

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