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Agony Column 25 July 2015

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Ford Mondeo III tdci 2002 - tdci injector prob, code p2338, - carnut1980

my glow plug light started flashing, and cold start was difficult, power was down to, code p2338 came up on diag, 'above knock threshold', i swapped inj no.3 (cyl2) for another which i bought, no difference, i used the autoenginuity hardware with ford enhancement. Surely both injectors arent duff? now car starts the same, same loss of power too. Driveable but i want to sort it. Anyone else have this software? Both times when i coded the injector, also after fitting the new one, the glowplug light went out, but car would only turn over and not start. If i disconnect software, or turn key off and on again, glow plug light is back on, but car would start. Any ideas?

Tags: technical issues glow plugs warning lights starting batteries

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