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Ford Mondeo III - Mondeo 2003 front wheel knocking/rattle sound - jonboy2020

hi, i have a 2003 mondeo mk3 estate (100k miles) and there is a really annoying knocking/rattle sound coming from the front drivers side wheel. it seems to be worse in the cold but is always there, more so on uneven road surfaces.

i initially thought it was the wishbone bush but have been advised that this is unlikely as there is no handling difference and all tyres are wearing normally.

with a little research, i have come up with the possibility that it could be the anti roll bar drop link??

can anyone please confirm this or help me out with this. i also need to know, if it is the drop link then how tricky is it to change yourself?

Many thanks!

Tags: technical issues wheels and tyres radio codes

Ford Mondeo iii - Mondeo 2003 front wheel knocking/rattle sound - Peter.N.

anti roll bar drop links are notorious on other cars for causing a rattle as they have no permamnent load on them so on rough surfaces they can clatter continiously. i have changed several on citroens and they are very easy, one nut on each end, not had any experience with Ford ones though.

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