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Focus, Transit connect, Mondeo etc - Ford TDci PcM reset - TVman

Is there a correct way to reset the PcM on the Ford TDci? I've heard various ideas (after disconnecting the battery for a time to "clear the memory") including "warm the engine on tickover then drive for 10 miles", "drive slowly" "drive fast" "drive normally" etc etc.

So after the battery has been disconnected for a few hours is there a "right" way to do it, or do you just drive the vehicle? are you supposed to warm it up first, or does it not matter? Drive a minimum of 10 miles at once or does that not matter either? can you do it "wrong" and get an engine that does not perform as it should?

Edited by TVman on 21/03/2010 at 12:46

Tags: technical issues DPF batteries flat battery diesels

Focus, Transit connect, Mondeo etc - Ford TDci PcM reset - TVman

Well, as nobody seems to know I will reply to my own message! It seems that you can speed the process up by using the correct procedure, but the PCM will eventually sort itself out after a few hundred miles anyway....so if you do it "wrong" the vehicle will initially not run as well, but will be OK after a few days.

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