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05 2.0 Information on rear suspension noise - Geran1
I am not a regular on here but thought it worth sharing, I asked a question a couple of weeks back regarding rear suspension noise on my Jag X Type estate but got no reply, after a little research and a bit of hands on this is what I found.

Rear anti roll bar bushes have been updated/modified I had already replace mine as they were very noisy.

What stars of as an annoying squeak from the rear (and is tricky to pin down where it comes from) was a worn Arm Control part #C2S 50863 fitted to off side noise gone. 6 months later other side started to squeak so I ignored it and it eventually went away, but later turned to a knocking sound bought another Arm Control (even got 10% discount) approx £45.00 + vat with discount, fitted noise gone.

There is also a common problem when reversing and you touch the brakes, the noise is what you would describe as the pads sticking on (only heard when reversing) it turns out to be a bush in rear suspension arm part #C2S 46380 approx £4 not yet fitted them I will
confirm if it sorts the problem at a later date.

Hope this may be of help to any X Type owners the arms and anti roll bar bushes are very straight forward to swap.


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05 2.0 Information on rear suspension noise - mike hannon
Thanks for taking the time to update with helpful info, even though you didn't get a response originally.
05 2.0 Information on rear suspension noise - Drewschen

This was a very useful post.

I purchased a 2004 X Type estate this year and have exactly this common problem you describe.

The garage I bought it off in Vienna (not a Jaguar dealer) couldn't figure out what the problem was. In fact on my car the noise was also audible when driving forward and making a right turn at the start but then that went away and it was only audible when reversing as you describe.

Last week I took it to Jaguar in Geneva and they described what it could be but that was without them taking a look at it properly.

I would be interested to know whether your 4 pound part did the trick as this might be the solution to my problem.

Thanks for the post.


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