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00 2.5 clutch problems - richbev
im having trouble bleeding the clutch on my voyager diesel. we h a pedal but the clutch wasnt diengaging correctly so i tried to bleed the cluch. i topped up the fluid and released the bleed screw. i now cant get any pressure on the pedal. why. is there a prcedure for bleeding the clutch???

Tags: technical issues clutches clutch failure brakes

00 2.5 clutch problems - WorkshopTech
Find pressure bleeding works best on these.
00 2.5 clutch problems - richbev
problem is the clutch master cylinder only has a rubber seal and a lid. no threads so the kit i have doesnt fit. also doesnt have a conventional bleed nipple on the cylinder so cant get a tube on il
00 2.5 clutch problems - WorkshopTech
Yes, not easy. You can buy rubber seal for the lid and its held on the m/c via a strap to form a seal.

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