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02 1.0 NATS, Immobiliser- who knows - sher99
Hi, I took the battery out of the car over this last snowy period (on the advice of my father in law) as I would not be using it. I tried starting it the other day & it wouldn't turn over. the lights are bright so battery fine i think. Would disconnecting the battery mess up the NATS/Immobiliser? The key is not a remote locking type but has a little blue bit on its side, probably for the battery? Any help much appreciated.

Tags: technical issues batteries keys starting

02 1.0 NATS, Immobiliser- who knows - Doc
The immobiliser would not be affected by the battery removal.
Check the battery connections are not corroded and tight.
The lights could work with a bad connection, but the extra current drain of the starter motor will show up any connection problems.

02 1.0 NATS, Immobiliser- who knows - sher99
Thanks will double check all connections & re-recharge battery

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