03 1.2 Misfiring - Soph's Dad
My daughter's car has a miss-fire which appears worse when cold. The plugs and leads/coil pack have been replaced together with air filter etc. There are no fault codes on the ECU and the tdc sensor has been checked. Removing the Lambda sensor doesn't make any difference so it's probably not that. The compression is good on all cylinders and there doesn't appear to be any induction system leaks. The only thing left is the injectors - anybody have any suggestions? The mileage is 88K with a full service history and the cambelt was changed at 70K.

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03 1.2 Missfiring - Altea Ego
possibly chaffed wiring at clamp by ECU,
Possibly coolant temp sensor
Change the crank sensor dont check it.
03 1.2 Missfiring - Soph's Dad
Thanks for that I'll try those. Any thoughts on one injector being partially blocked?
03 1.2 Missfiring - elekie&a/c doctor
Unlikely to be an injector.What spark plugs are you running?These really like o/e Champion,but I have only been able to get these from main dealer.hth
03 1.2 Missfiring - Soph's Dad
The Champions were replaced with NGK's at the service but it was missfiring before the service so the plugs appear to have had no effect.
03 1.2 Missfiring - piston power
You say coil pack has been replaced was it with a new one?

Swapped one for a friend a few years back and that was faulty.
03 1.2 Missfiring - Soph's Dad
Yep, New coil pack and leads fitted.

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