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03 1.1 Replacing head light bulb- school boy error - ljjt

Headlight bulb went, gone to replace in a rush cos it was going dark and raining. I replaced light bulb, turned on to check new one worked and it did so was quite happy. I went to put it back within the head light casing (whilst illuminated) and it made a funny noise and I assume I have now blown the new bulb as its stopped working I assume I can just get a new bulb and replace, I wont have done any greater damage will I? Have I just made it short or something? Thanks

Tags: technical issues head gasket new cars air conditioning electrical faults

03 1.1 Replacing head light bulb- school boy error - Altea Ego
probably new bulb or at worse blwon fuse.

that was a silly thing to do, those bulbs run at very hot surface temperatures, enough to whip the skin from your hand.

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