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99 1.8 Central locking problem - fuse blowing - leelovesbikestoo
The central locking on my V/99 Focus LX stopped working so I replaced the infamous Fuse #63 (central locking fuse) behind the glove box... only for it to blow again after a few happy minutes of locking and unlocking :o(

Before I go out and buy another bunch of 20A fuses is there anything I can do to stop them blowing? I read somewhere that I could disconnect each door until I find the offending motor but can't find instructions on how to do this. If you've done it how easy is it? Best left to an auto electrician?

Strangely, while it was working briefly the motors in all the doors were very quiet; previously they were a bit whirring...

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19 1.8 Central locking problem - fuse blowing - Wurzel83
If you open the door and underneeth the hinge there should be a rubber gaiter. I remember on the Escorts you used to be able to prise back the gaiter and disconnect the plug that used to go inside the door - whether you can do this on the Focus I dont know.

Looking at it logically, it seems like one of the soleniods may have been noisey due to wear and could have become defective upon the fuse blowing the first time hence the reason its quieter now may be because one of the locks is not operating. When you replace the fuse see if all the doors are locked upon locking and unlocked upon unlocking.

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