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01 1.4 can't re-fit drivebelt after removal - The Gingerous One
Removed alternator drivebelt in order to change cambelt, done cambelt, now refitting everything BUT I can't for the life of me re-fit the alternator drivebelt.

I can't seem to relax the tension on the tensioner in order to fit the belt along it's intended path and then tension the belt.
As far as I can gather, there are 2 tensioners and as the car has A/C I *think* it has the automatic tensioner (there's a vertical spring going upto the tensioner pulley & the square hole in the tensioner assembly that I apparently should insert a 3/8" bar to do the levering) and that I should be able to lever the pulley back, fit the belt and then let pulley spring back into place.

But I can't pivot the pulley. If I loosen some of the bolts (e.g. the torx recessed one) then I get a bit of give in the whole assembly. but still no joy.

I am so close to completing the task. I've spent about an hour on this little task!

any advice much appreciated.

Thanks (in anticipation)


Edited by Pugugly on 04/09/2009 at 21:57

Tags: technical issues timing belt cam belts electrical faults water pump

01 1.4 can't re-fit drivebelt after removal - The Gingerous One
Sorted - I was being a spanner and not putting anywhere near as much effort into trying to lever back the automatic tensioner as I should have been. Using a crowbar and I forced the tensioner back.

anyway, so cambelt all done and dusted, all ok 300 miles later.
01 1.4 can't re-fit drivebelt after removal - chrisinleedsuk
Brute force and ignorance saves the day! :o)

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