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Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - Caveman
Can I use blu-tack as a cheapskate alternative to using a clay bar to clean up and remove contaminants from my cars paintwork?

Tags: DPF reliability police

Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - Lygonos
Unlikely - any tiny pieces of grit won't be as well absorbed into the blutac as with the clay and you'll end up with a micro-scouring pad.

Let us know how you get on ;-)
Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - moonshine {P}

I've experimented with blu tack after reading on another forum that people were using it. I've never used a clay bar so I have nothing to compare against, but the blue tack didn't really seem to work - maybe my technique was wrong...
Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - Dynamic Dave
I've been contemplating this myself. A google gives mixed results from no good to it working. I tried some on one of the filing cabinets at work a couple of hours ago. When I ran my hand across the paintwork prior to 'claying' it with the blu tack, I could feel and hear the rough finish. Afterwards the surface felt smoother and made less noise than the part I hadn't 'clayed'.

Who's gonna be brave enough to try it on their car then?
Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - Alby Back
Busy at work today then Dave ?

Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - Fullchat
Blue/White Tack ain't that cheap in sufficient quantities to do a car.
Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - bell boy
there was an old dead fox on my way to work today in the gutter
could i use this as a substitute for very expensive flanalette polishing rags?
Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - bathtub tom
BB. Now you've given me an idea what to do with my old long johns!
Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - Kevin
>could i use this as a substitute for very expensive flanalette polishing rags?

No, fox fur is too coarse. You need grey squirrel for that ;-)

I can supply the pelts for 99p ea. or £10.99 plus p+p if you want the pleasure of despatching and skinning them yourself (in which case I will need a signed affidavit that you will not release them).

As far as bluetack is concerned - it's probably more expensive than claybar and won't give you any indication of how contaminated it is. With a regular claybar you can see the grunge it is removing and decide when to throw it away.

Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - Dynamic Dave
Busy at work today then Dave ?

Oh yes. Tomorrow I might get around to oiling the castors on my office chair and giving the hydraulic ram a top up of gas using one of those DIY kits ;o)
Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - welshlad
i'll have to take your word for its effectiveness as clay because im not dismantling my blu tack castle thats sat on my desk took me a week to make (its complete with map pin guards on the was a slow week )
Clay bar alternatives, blu-tack? - L'escargot
If you find that Blu-Tack works for this, let them know.

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