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06 1.8 Brake Fluid Level - redviper
Hi All

Had the bonnet up yesterday to check oil level etc, and i noticed that the Brake fluid bottle was clear, IE, i could not see any fluid at the Min/MAX levels.

I tried to tap the reservoir to see if i could make the top level of the fluid shake but i got nothing, although the reservoir didn?t move its held in very securely.

I didn?t want to unscrew the cap, as I didn?t really know what I was doing, and it started to rain so didn?t want any water under there.

The low fluid level/handbrake light goes out when the handbrake is released and doesn?t come on when driving and the brakes operate and function fine.

Im going to Bath/Bristol next week and the garage that I bought it from said they would take a look as I don?t want to take any chances.

Im just a little concerned, is it hard to check the levels, and is it normal to go down so much, the car has been serviced but I don?t know if that included brake and disc replacement
The car has all round discs.

Thanks in Adavance

Edited by redviper on 22/06/2009 at 12:49

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06 1.8 Brake Fluid Level - redviper

Just to let you know, thats its all fine - I had another look under the bonnet, and there is plenty of fluid in there.

Its more or less impossible to see the fluid through the reservoir, however with a bit more tapping on the top you can see the level (just)!


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