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97 1.2 - misfire problem - vinny vincent
I there chaps i have a 1997 renault clio 1.2 model and its misfiring like chuff at low revs and especially when i floor it . i have changed the H/T leads, air filter, spark plugs and the problem still persists. do you think that dirty fuel injectors are the problem.

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Edited by Dynamic Dave on 27/04/2009 at 00:42

Tags: technical issues engine problem new cars

97 1.2 renualt clio misfire problem - scrapmetal
Coul be injectors, but i would have the cylinder compressions checked.
97 1.2 renualt clio misfire problem - elekie&a/c doctor
Probably not the injector.(only 1 fitted on this model).Good idea to remove the distributor cap and check condition of the contacts and rotor arm.May find them heavily pitted or oil contaminated.hth
97 1.2 renualt clio misfire problem - dagenham car center
try a coil,done a couple of them now!

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