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06 2.0 TDCI Cambelt - Whisky
Hi all.

I have recently purchased an 06 Focus with 80k on the clock. Everything runs sweet on it and I know Ford say 100k for a belt change but as I have always erred on the side of caution I'm wanting to get the cambelt changed in the next 10k miles (before a trip to france in summer)

Have always done my own belts on past cars (lastest was a 406 HDI) but I think this one, without the aid of a haynes book may be a little bit tricky, so think I'll send it to the local indy.

Was wondering if anyone has any experience of these engines with this mileage, should I have any other bits changed while the belt is off? e.g water pump etc.


Tags: cam belts timing belt maintenance and servicing cam belt belts and chains

06 2.0 TDCI Cambelt - Collos25
Is it not the same engine that is in the Jaguar 2.0d if so its a chain and not a belt.

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