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2003 1.1 Tips on Oil Change ? - dja1
Hi, I'm due to do an oil change on my daughters Getz, but a quick look under the bonnet, leaves me asking...where is the filter and the sump plug??. Can anyone help please.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 22/02/2009 at 17:09

Tags: oil DPF maintenance and servicing oil changes changing oil

2003 1.1 Tips on Oil Change on 1.1 Hyundai Getz - quizman
Get someone else to do it.
2003 1.1 Tips on Oil Change on 1.1 Hyundai Getz - yorkiebar
Probably a silly comment because its been ages since I looked at 1 of these, but are you sure its got a sump plug? Is it a suck out job?

oil filter I cant remember where it is but dont remember it being too hidden. is it a replacable paper element? If so its in a black housing that screw together?


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