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02 2.0 TDCi - bursting turbo hose - done and dusted
my 2002 tdci mondeo auto recently split a turbo hose, lost some power, but main clue was a loud whooshing noise under acceleration, when replaced it just blows the new one off, clips are really tight, any idea why there is what seems to be excess pressure in the system? Car has done appr 85000 miles.

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Tags: technical issues turbochargers unexplained noises engine problem turbos

02 2.0 TDCi - bursting turbo hose - Peter.N.
The only problem could be excessive pressure, although I thought you would have noticed that in the performance. Are the hose and clips the correct ones? and are the clips fitted in the correct place?
02 2.0 TDCi - bursting turbo hose - Peter D
Over boost. Possible the vanes have stuck on the actuator and or contol valve has failed. Pershaps a diagnostic code read is the way forward or visit an experienced indi garage, they will have seen it all before. Regards Peter
02 2.0 TDCi - bursting turbo hose - done and dusted
Car is now with my local garage and they are investigating! Have spoken to a few people and none have seen this problem before, thanks for your ideas, hopefully it will get resolved this week.
02 2.0 TDCi - bursting turbo hose - done and dusted
Performance prior to was normal, hose clips are the original Ford ones and fitted correctly. Have left car with local garage to play with!

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