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05 2.0D misfire - hazza
When cruising car runs fine but if you lightly ease off the power car starts juddering. To stop this you take your foot off completly or push down hard. In the second option you get some black smoke out back then car takes off. Anyone any ideas.

Tags: technical issues automatics smoke turbochargers power steering

05 2.0D misfire - injection doc
sounds like you may have a leaky injector or a sticky EGR valve
05 2.0D misfire - hazza
Cheers for reply will injector cleaner help leaking injector & is this a replacement for EGR valve
05 2.0D misfire - injection doc
try comma diesel injector magic from halfords,a bottle in half a tank & do at least 250 miles before you top up. the egr may need removing & cleaning. You can buy a cleaner in spray form in the trade for EGR valves.
05 2.0D misfire - hazza
Cheers will give it ago. Have also ben told it could be maf so will try all one by one.

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