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07 1.8 Headlight adjustment - AceJohn
Can anyone help me with the headlight height adjustment on my Vectra.
I feel the dipped beam is a too low, even when set to "0" on the dashboard adjust.
I notice there are two, yellow hex adjusters on each of the light housings.
Not sure what adjuster does what and in what direction to turn.

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07 1.8 Headlight adjustment - topbloke
one is up/down other left/right but without proper alignment equipment you are asking for trouble, far better to get them adjusted set correctly via dealer/independant or mot test station they may adjust them for a consideration in a slack period
07 1.8 Headlight adjustment - Dynamic Dave
Over on vectra-c someone suggested parking a little distance from a fence or wall. Set the height adjust on '0' and mark the headlight positions on the wall/fence. Now set the height adjust to '1' and then adjust the relevant screw to bring the headlights back up the marks made previously. Now when you put the height adjust back on '0' the headlights will be slightly higher than they were previously. If you still think they're slightly too low, move the height adjust to '1' again and repeat the adjustment. If however people start flashing at you with their headlights, then repeat the above but this time in reverse to lower the headlights back down again.
07 1.8 Headlight adjustment - topbloke
the inner screw is left/right the other one the outside one is up/down but strongly advise against playing with them
07 1.8 Headlight adjustment - Dynamic Dave
I finally got around to adjusting mine today. I found that the inner screws were the up/down adjusters on my headlights (2006 Vectra), not the outer.

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