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00 1.8 coil light on loss of power - raebriggs
I have a ford focus TDCI 1.8 w reg and the coil light keeps coming on up to 3 times a day, when the light comes on all power is lost. I have to pull in switch off and re-start, then it ok again. Also it seems to be misfiring or having an intermittent loss of power, any clues?

I've had it at my local garage 3 times now, they have done all the diagnositic checks and said it's ok????

It's getting a bit dangerous cos i cant predict when it goes.

I've been told it could be one of the following :

crankshaft sensor , throttle sensor, camshaft sensor, fuel solenoid, injectors, fuel filter and flush of system,

sounds expensive to try this all out though.


Tags: technical issues warning lights electrical faults engine problem loss of power

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