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1998 1.9td How to replace fan belt ? - wolfmeister
Hi, just wondered if anyone can help.
THe main crank pulley has come of my 1.9 td - the one which is also drives the cam belt.
In order to refit the pulley I need to refit the fan/auxilary belt. However the Haynes manual as ever has no mention of this or any diagrams. A friend of mine has done this for me in the past and did say what a jolly awkward blighter it was to do!
Can anyone give me any pointers or explain the route round the pulleys.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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1998 1.9td How to replace fan belt 306 1.9 td - hm
Mate, I do not want to insult you... Pug 306 does not a fan belt.. she has electric fans.

But I do know the belt you are talking about.... and I also know the Mr Haynes gives a good description on how to replace / change belt (with a diagram of the belt layout) I sold my trusty DT a good few years ago, but I know that detail were there.

when looking at the belt from the driverside wheel arch near the front of the block there's a roller sit's on the belt, in the middle of the roller is 1 allen key bolt (6mm if my mind serves me correctly)........... lower down is another allen key bolt........... and then upside down on the bottom is another allen key bolt.... this is the adjuster for the tension.....loosen the top two, then the bottom one winds out to tighten the belt.... in the haynes manual is a diagram showing the correct routing for the belt.. I know it is there somewhere....



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