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1999 1.6 pollen filter removal - maximus
As I've just taken off the glovebox to fix heater fan resistor I thought I'd check the pollen filter. I think I've found it but can't work out how to get it out. It seems to be in two parts, but, the bottom is obstructed by fascia. Any advice. Thanks.

Tags: technical issues pollen filter DPF legal and consumer advice maintenance and servicing

1999 1.6 pollen filter removal - maximus
Well I did it. It seems that you have to cut away the offending piece of fascia. I assume this is how it's done as there is a steel strengthening plate which you have to remove before cutting away.
1999 1.6 pollen filter removal - Dynamic Dave
This any help?


1999 1.6 pollen filter removal - maximus

Thank's, but, no help as the instructions must apply to later model Almera. I looked at puravent earlier, there were no instructions for pre 99 Almeras.

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