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1998 1.8 handbrake: caliper maintainence - Eamo
Hi Can anybody tell me how to go about overhauling the rear brake calipers, the foot brakes work fine but the handbrake is inefficient, new pads were put on the car 2 months ago. any help appreciated, Eamo.

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1998 1.8 handbrake: caliper maintainence - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
The handbrake cables may be too tight. I come across this fairly frequently. The levers on the calipers must be allowed to fully return after each operation to take the next 'bite'. Slacken the cables right off and ensure the levers are fully returned. Pump the footbrake several times then tighten the cables only to the point where the handbrake can be lifted slightly before the levers start to move even if this results in a long handbrake movement.

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