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2000 2.0HDi - Fuse keeps blowing - bogeyman
Hi, need some advice on a problem that?s been bugging me for a few days now.

Jumped in the car a few days back and not sure if it was just a coincidence but shortly after plugging in my phone into the charger (connected to cigar lighter) I smelt something burning. Not long after the battery light came on and I thought I had blown the relay for the alternator.

However, the electrics windows (front and back), rear wash wipe, clock/outside temperature do not work and the battery light is permanently on. I googled the problem and it seemed that a 30A fuse had blown. Replaced the fuse and was able to operate the electric window for 2 secs or so and the fuse blew again.

Came home googled a bit more and found that it might be the rear wash wipe (which hasn?t been used in over 2 years since it got jammed and blew the same fuse). Disconnected the rear wash wipe and removed the relay connected to it. Replaced fuse again and it blew again.

A friend has said it could be the wiring that runs through the A-pillar to the door, which seems logical. But before I start investigating I'd really appreciate if anyone can give me any other ideas on what might be causing this.


Edited by Dynamic Dave on 18/09/2008 at 23:25

Tags: technical issues electrical faults warning lights electrics diesel particulate filters

306 HDi W/2000 - Fuse keeps blowing - Collos25
remove all the ancillary fuses making note of there positions and ratings if you do not have the handbook replace the 30 amp fuse and then one at a time replace the other fuses and switch on what ever they controls until the main fuse blows,you have then found the faulty circuit.
306 HDi W/2000 - Fuse keeps blowing - bogeyman
Thanks for the tip. Noted the position of all fuses, removed them checking that no others were blown. I replaced the 30A fuse which kept blowing and it blew again and I hadnt even put any other fuses in.

Should I have removed the relays too? The place I bought the fuses from said a relay may have failed. Which relay is for the electric windows?

Edited by bogeyman on 19/09/2008 at 15:52

306 HDi W/2000 - Fuse keeps blowing - bogeyman

Any ideas guys?
306 HDi W/2000 - Fuse keeps blowing - bogeyman
***Fixed*** Wiring loom was burnt near rear wiper motor.

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