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01 1.2 D7F stutters after top end rebuild - AW
Hi I'd be grateful for some thougts. I recently rebuilt a 1.2 Clio D7F which had a broken cambelt. 4 Valves had obviously hit the pistins although the damage to the crowns was light. The engine runs and passed the MOT ok. However it stutters a bit, is jerky at tick over, it appears a bit down on power and seems to stutter right through the rev range. I replaced 4 valves & ground them in. problem occurred so I did a compression test one cylinder (4) was slightly low so off came the head again (deep joy!) redid the no.4 and replaced the inlet and reground both. .....Same problem. Replaced leads (86k on originals) no change. The cat makes a noticible ringing rattle. New air filter fitted. New plugs NGK BKR 5 EK. Don't think it's the valves. Could it be the core pack or even the cat?. Anyone know of a way of testing it? Thanks

Edited by Pugugly on 18/09/2008 at 20:56

Tags: technical issues MOT damage dealers

01 1.2 Clio 1.2 D7F stutters after top end rebuid - Screwloose

Could be unrelated; but I'd never use NGKs in these. Try a set of genuine plugs.

Is number 4 cyl still reading low?
01 1.2 Clio 1.2 D7F stutters after top end rebuid - AW
Hi, thanks. No all four cylinders now within approx 5% of each other 155 (psi?) on gauge.
I'll try the plugs. May have the old ones I'll have a look.
01 1.2 Clio 1.2 D7F stutters after top end rebuid - big davey
timing belt fitted ok?
vac hose off?
01 1.2 Clio 1.2 D7F stutters after top end rebuid - aw
Hi thanks. Belt fitted fine timing is righttoo. Vac hose on and secure. I took it to a small garage who put it on their machine and reckon 1 & 4 are miss-firing. Changed the coil pack no difference.Argh I reckon it is the ECU.

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