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05 1.2 "KEY" warning light - Optimist
My wife has a keyless entry Micra.

When you turn it on the "KEY" light goes green if the fob is in the car and off when the engine starts.

It's now taken to flashing for a while after the car has started. I'm guessing the battery in the fob needs replacement. Any thoughts?

If so, do both fobs need to be done at the same time and is it something only the dealer can do?


Tags: technical issues batteries keyfob keyless entry

05 1.2 "KEY" warning light - Mapengo

The K12 micra has a facility to only open the drivers door (anti hijack) and the flashing light warns you that the passenger doors are unlocked.

Have a look in your owners manual and it will give you the procedure for setting the anti hijack function.

Hope this helps.
05 1.2 - Optimist
Thanks. Not 100% convinced but will watch and see what happens.

Edited by Optimist on 18/09/2008 at 11:41

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