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03 1.7D Possible damage following Cam belt change - xam
I live in Germany and work 300Km away from my home and I am searching for advice on what one expect to see following a cylinder head removal?

The story so far
I put the car in to the local Honda dealer for 90K servicing and cam belt change, 30 mins before I was due to collect it the garage phoned and advised me that they had changed the cam belt and that there was "bad noise" from the engine. Subsequent discussions resulted in a loan car (FOC) until the problem was investigated.
They now say they will have to remove the cylinder head and will do this on Monday.
Yes! if you're thinking what I'm thinking then they have mistimed the cam belt and there is damage to the engine.
My questions are - What damage can I expect to see? following the cylinder head removal and what possible damage can I expect not to see?
Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated!


Tags: technical issues cam belts repairs cam belt cam belt replacement

03 1.7D Possible damage following Cam belt change - Screwloose

If the valves have hit the pistons, there will be witness marks in the crust on the piston crowns.

It it was running OK, but just noisy; then they may get away with it....

Potentially; valve, follower, cam, all sorts, could have suffered.

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