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2001 2.0 HDI which oil? - 420 Turbo Diesel
Hi,I have just bought a Citroen 2.0 HDI.I would like to change the oil and filter,I have got a lot of Texaco Havoline 15w40 diesel oil which I have used without any problems in my previous 2 Rover Diesels,would this oil be ok for the Picasso? It says on the container suitable for any turbo and non turbo diesel engines.Many Thanks Andrew...

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2001 2.0 HDI Which Oil? - Dereksn51
Nothing basically wrong with that.The only thought I would have about it is that the 15w might be a bit thick for cold Winter start-ups.I've got a 2003 Picasso hdi and have used Halfords fully synthetic 5w40 since new with no problems.Never uses any between 10000 mile services.If the car was mine and you dont know its previous oil record I'd probably go for a semi-synthetic 5w40 and keep an eye on any oil consumption in case it's a tad too thin.
2001 2.0 HDI Which Oil? - 420 Turbo Diesel
Thankyou for your input.My car has done over 100,000 miles,do you think as it has done that amount of miles it may of "loosened up" a bit so that a 15w oil won't be so bad on a cold start? I have 25 litres of 15w-40 that I am eager to use if I can,but if you think it will cause damage to the engine then I obviously won't use it.Thanks again,,,Andrew...
2001 2.0 HDI Which Oil? - Andrew-T
My Pug has the same engine, and I change oil and filter every 6K. I always go for semi-syn, which last time was Comma 10-40 (I think). On a car with 100K I see no point in buying top-price oil - and my car uses (as far as I can tell) no oil at all between changes.
2001 2.0 HDI Which Oil? - diy chris
Hi I own a xsara picasso and I have just changed the engine oil I used the oil recomended by citroen total quartz 7000 10w40. by the way before you try to change the oil filter make sure you have a filter wrench at your side my filter was so tight it took me ages to get it undone and only when a good friend got his dads filter chain wrench by the way be careful not to over tighten the sump plug when you have drained the engine oil.
The best of luck.
diy chris

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2001 2.0 HDI Which Oil? - bathtub tom
Try the application guide here:


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