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04 1.7 dti intermittent wiper fault - blind man
Hi can anybody help me with a fault i have with the intermittent wiper setting, what happens is that when i select the intermittent wiper the blades move a few inches or travel to the top and then stop i then have a problem of getting the blades back to the home position which is only possible by squirting the wash water.All of the other settings work fine.
How do i go about diagnosing the fault ie eliminating various components of the system.

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04 1.7 dti intermittent wiper fault - Screwloose

Once the intermittent wipe relay has moved the blades a few inches, the parking circuit should complete the sweep.

Do the wipers self-park on the other speeds? What happens if you just flick the wipers on for 2 seconds?
04 1.7 dti intermittent wiper fault - blind man
Hi sorry for the delay in my reply i have been away on buisness.
The answer to your question is that the wiper blades do not park in the correct park position with any of the wiper speeds, they stop at about 180 degrees on from when the selector is put back to the stop position the same aplies to when i switch the wipers on for two seconds.
04 1.7 dti intermittent wiper fault - Screwloose

In that case you have a park-circuit fault; might be the motor.
04 1.7 dti intermittent wiper fault - topbloke
you will need a new motor,common fault whith this vehicle. TB

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