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99 1.8 Power steering pump and fluid - jp147
About a couple of years ago, I had to call the AA because my Ford Focus (petrol) had a power steering pump leak. The AA mechanic said that it was caused by a "pressure sensor leak". Because I couldn't drive the car to a garage to be repaired (the leak was too large), I had a mobile mechanic come to my house to do the work.

Do you think that this repair will prevent the same thing happening again in the near future and are power steering system leaks common especially on cars of this age ?

When the repair was done the mechanic refilled the reservoir with fresh fluid. How often does the fluid need replacing ?

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99 1.8 Power steering pump and fluid - caine
Probably pressure blew the sensor apart due to unusual cicumstances,As for change,that's down to ford schedule.Me,new fluids nice and bright and clean,old stuff is dirty,dark and stinks.Not very precise I know,But just how many testers do we need to buy?Experience does sometimes count..

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