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1999 1.6 Speedometer and Traction Control light pr - nik_m
Like many others I am experiencing problems with my speedometer and traction control light in my 1999 ford focus 1.6 Zetec.

At first the speedo would intermittently surge and then stop working, followed by a few moments later the Traction Control light coming on and the odometer clearing to -----. This would correct itself when the engine was turned off and on again.

Now the speedo does not work at all, and after driving a short distance the same problem occurs with the TC and odometer.

I have taken the car to several garages, including Ford. Ford could not diagnose the problem a few months ago and by re setting the computer the problem corrected itself. It reappeared last week when I drove through a puddle!

So far the garages have said it could be either the whole display panel or the Vehicle Speed Sensor.

Any ideas, both fixes are costly and I don't want to pick the wrong one to find that it doesn't fix the problem?!

Many thanks for any help that anyone can offer

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1999 1.6 Speedometer and Traction Control light pr - MikeTorque
Have you tried changing the battery ?
A faulty battery can cause the problems you describe. Nothing shows up on the engine diagnostics but if one cell of the battery is off then the speedo etc. symptoms occur.
1999 1.6 Speedometer and Traction Control light pr - Kevz
i had asimilar problem last year, apartantly the dash cluster unit itslef isn't water tight so when its rainy, rain seeps in through the top of the bonnet and causes all sort of things, if you can try to take the dash out, you might be lucky to find that a few of the circuits are rusty, a quick clean with wet and dry and a good dose of contact cleaner might sort you out, i've heard the might of been a re-call on it, but not sure.
1999 1.6 Speedometer and Traction Control light pr - nik_m
Thanks for the advice, I had the battery tested and it showd up ok. Took it back to Ford and they found a fault with the VSS, I have had it replaced and the problem seems to be fixed (touch wood!).

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