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01 1.6 Door will not unlock - dauntless
My offside rear door does not unlock when the central locking is operated. Other doors ,bootlock and fuel filler cover locks all work fine. I can hear the electric lock operate on the rear door when the central locking key is pressed. Unfortunately the childproof tab was in operation when this fault started , so the door is immovable. I can probably take off the trim from within the car, so can the childproof feature be cancelled from within the door? At least, I could then open the door from within the car.,

Tags: technical issues door locking locks central locking

01 1.6 Door will not unlock - elekie&a/c doctor
Very likely to be a seized latch or something jammed in the mechanism.The door card is easy to remove with the door shut ,remove the rear seat cushion for better access.This should enable you to release the latch from inside the door with a long flat screwdriver.It is a very basic system.hth
01 1.6 Door will not unlock - dauntless

Many thanks, eleckie for your reply. I'm on holiday in France ,close to Toulouse so I'm short on tools.I may have to leave things as they are until I get back home, but you've given me fresh heart! I'll let you know with another post how things have gone when I get back next month. Thanks

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