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03 1.4 Condensation in headlight cover - Everybody's Fool
Hello Everyone,

I'm selling my car & sorting a few of the areas that need addressed b4 I put on the market.

One of the front headlights has condensation in it, which doesn't really affect its performance; however it does stick out like a sore thumb.

The light is sealed, so no way of simply clipping itf of & giving it a rub to clear this. I've got rid of some of this by putting the light on full beam for a few minutes, which has cleared some but still doesn?t look that great.

I think I?ll have to get the whole light replaced at somewhere like Euro parts.

Does anyone have any advice of clearing the condensation without replacing the light itself?


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Tags: selling warning lights ESP

03 1.4 Condensation in headlight cover - Dynamic Dave
I'm assuming there is some kind of rubber cap on the back of the headlights where the bulbs go? If so, then try removing that and seeing if the bulb will then dry out the headlight.
03 1.4 Condensation in headlight cover - Aretas
Remove bulb and dry internals with a hairdryer?

03 1.4 Condensation in headlight cover - doctorchris
Works a treat, the hairdryer trick but you have to remove all covers at the back of the headlamp unit and all bulbs to get maximum airflow. Also, beware of too much heat as it might slightly discolour the polycarbonate of the unit.
03 1.4 Condensation in headlight cover - thomp1983
most common way ive seen is to put a sheet of foil over the light then turn the light on for awhile, the foil keeps the heat in and it dries itself out, this used to cure the problem permanently in most cars


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