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1999 1.8 - Coolant colour in expansion tank - Pezzer
After a bit of advice please. I've just looked at a 1999 1.8 Zafira for Mrs P. Its all very tidy but the fluid in the expansion tank was very dark/black in colour . There didnt seem to be any white gooh there or in the Oil filler cap etc, but could this be an indication of HGF problems ?

Many thanks

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 14/05/2008 at 09:51

Tags: technical issues overheating head gasket oil

1999 1.8 - Coolant colour in expansion tank - Dynamic Dave
Unless the coolant has been changed sometime in its life, it should be a light pink colour.
1999 1.8 - Coolant colour in expansion tank - SpamCan61 {P}
Maybe somebody has changed the coolant at some point in time ( pink stuff is 5 year lifetime IIRC) and put old skool blue stuff in, or maybe its more Radweld than coolant. Does sound a bit iffy either way.

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