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Mercedes Approved Tyres - doctorchris
I've just been browsing on the MyTyres website for tyres for my daughter's Corsa. I see that a number of tyres in a given size from the same maker are available as normal or "Mercedes approved", marked as MO.
Do any Mercedes owners or tyre fitters bother with this?

Tags: technical issues wheels and tyres winter tyres winter automatics

Mercedes Approved Tyres - harry m
i have recently got some new tyres for my ml270 from black circle tyres i got the same make as was fitted from new so i assumed they were mercedes approved although some companys i tried did rubbish the make which was GENERAL .i have to say i did not notice this when i had a look on mytyres web site but maybe i did not notice.
Mercedes Approved Tyres - Hamsafar
It's very common, not just with Mercedes or Michelin.
When comparing the tyres, they sometimes show different construction, ie the layers of rayon, nylon ply etc...
I once fitted Pirelli Jaguar versions to a Vauxhall and couldn't tell the difference, I bought them very cheaply from an ebayer who had just bought a village garage and was selling the stock, when I went to have them fitted, the boy in National Tyres said they would cause fishtailing and I burst out laughing.

Mercedes Approved Tyres - Bill Payer
Some Mercedes owners get very exercised by this and think if they don't fit MO tyres then their insurance will be invalidated.

Personally, I think it's a load of rubbish. My Merc never had MO tyres from new, and I emailed Michelin about the difference and just got a load a waffle back. I reckon it's nothing more than a marketing endorsment.

The only make where I believe it's critical is Porsche. They use Pirelli tyres marked with N and a number and it's regarded as essential to use the correct tyre.

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