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ESP - bintang
How does ESP work please? My handbook isn't clear on the point. Does keeping it permanently engaged affect fuel consumption?

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ESP - Optimist
I'm not a techie but I'll have a go and happy to be corrected.

As I understand it. ESP monitors various things the car is up to: braking, acceleration, steering wheel angle, accelerator pedal depression. If there is something suden on any of these, because you brake or swerve fiercely or lose grip on a driven wheel, ESP intervenes to restore the situation to "normal".

If I'm right it will only operate when it has to and so I don't think there will be any overall effect on mpg. I think systems can be turned off so the car won't intervene when you're deliberately trying to go side-ways at 85 mph.
ESP - Pugugly

I think that says more or less everything you're likely to want to know. I wouldn't worry about the fuel thing.
ESP - bintang
Phew! Thanks for the lead.
ESP - Dynamic Dave
Some more info:-


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