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Windscreen wipers not working - Leif
This evening when I started the windscreen wipers, there was a blue flash beneath the steering binnacle, and the windscreen wipers and screen wash squirters would not function. In fact the wipers are stuck in mid wipe. Can anyone please suggest a fix?

My guess is that since the motors can't all fail at once, a wire has burnt out, or a fuse blown, in the steering binnacle. In which case is this a user serviceable component? I hoping it is nothing more than a blown fuse and half an hour with a Haynes manual will sort it.


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Windscreen wipers not working - elekie&a/c doctor
A blue flash to the right of steering certainly sounds like a blown fuse ,but what has caused it?You may need to get the wiring to the wiper motor and wash pump checked to see if it has rubbed out on any metal parts.Also check the tailgate door spring loaded contacts ,something in the boot may have caused a short circuit to them.hth
Windscreen wipers not working - Leif
Thanks for the answer. I have located the fuse box, but as you say, it might indicate something more serious is wrong. The wipers were frozen due to hail and snow, and I wonder if that caused an overload.
Windscreen wipers not working - elekie&a/c doctor
If the wipers were frozen,then this could be the problem.(hopefully).hth
Windscreen wipers not working - Leif
Sorted. Cheers. (And a trip to the garage saved.)

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