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03. 56k. 1.6-16v. LPG/Petrol. Fuel consumption. - Tron
Returns 30.5mpg on LPG and Petrol 36.5mpg at 70mph. In town both fuels return circa 25mpg.

Are these figures correct?

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03. 56k. 1.6-16v. LPG/Petrol. Fuel consumption. - Screwloose

LPG running rich at higher gas-flow and need adjustment? I'd expect only about a 5% difference at a steady speed?
03. 56k. 1.6-16v. LPG/Petrol. Fuel consumption. - valmiki
on the newer sequential systems, you should expect about 80% of the economy of petrol on gas, which makes your m-way comparison look ok. no idea what's going on in town though! maybe your town driving involves more use of petrol than gas?>
03. 56k. 1.6-16v. LPG/Petrol. Fuel consumption. - Tron
Thank you for your replies. I asked because when I first used the car and until it had the EGR valve replaced fuel consumption on both fuel types was a lot better.

50 litres of LPG (roughly £26.00) now returns around 320 to 400 miles of travel.

Befor the valve replacement it would do 400 to 450 on 50 litres of LPG. That again could have been down to me not being as confident or familiar with the car as I am now. Yes, the peddle does hit the floor a lot quicker and harder these days!

Still, if that was petrol it would be twice the cost for the same distance. For the time being, as LPG is one of the products on my local petrol stations that is having the largest price increases applied, LPG is a lot cheaper than diesel or petrol to use as a fuel.

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