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2002 2.0HDi - heater blower not working - luckyme
Hi All

I hope someone can help, unfortunately I bought a 2002 xsara Picasso 2.0 HDI off Ebay yesterday{and I put those details in the subject header today because someone ignored the requests to do so!}, the guy told me the heater blower does not work (but it will only be the fuse), I have also realised that the A/C light does not com on when you press the switch, I have checked the fuses they seem ok but not sure which one to look at, I bought a Haynes comic today a little better than useless, does it sound serious?? or maybe a simple solution, can anyone help please

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Tags: technical issues electrical faults air conditioning fuses electrics

xsara picasso heater blower not vworking - Screwloose

There are no less than ten fuses covering the air-con system in it's entirety. Their positions change almost month-by-month fron 2000 onwards.

The one most related to the fan is a 40 amp one in the engine-bay box. Consult your handbook for it's exact position.
xsara picasso heater blower not vworking - elekie&a/c doctor
Possible causes of blower failure on these are;Ignition switch failure of one circuit;fan speed regulator or resistor fault;or the motor itself has failed.Access to the motor is from pass side,up behind glovebox.hth
xsara picasso heater blower not vworking - MerlinTec
Had one of these last month same fault, I had no power to the fuse and it was the ignition switch.
xsara picasso heater blower not vworking - luckyme
Hi MerlinTec

Thanks for your reply, can you tell me exactly which fuse to check and how can I check ignition switch, many thanks Len
xsara picasso heater blower not vworking - sulleyboy
I have just had the same problem, the heater fan doesn't work and the a/c light doesn't come on. How did you resolve the problem finally
xsara picasso heater blower not vworking - luckyme
Hi sorry taken so long, it turned out to be ignition swich, my local garage bypassed ign sw with another wire with an inline fuse, working fine now but he said if I used possition 4 it will blow fuse after a few minutes so I dont use 4 runs fine including A.C regards

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