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1997 - sunroof drain holes - scfc_151
We had the windscreen replaced this weekend on a 106 and hoped it would shed light on water collecting in the passenger footwell.

With the screen out this confirmed the the water was comming from the sunroof. We found 2 drain holes either side which we will make sure are not blocked but wondered if someone could shed any light on why the water would be collecting in the footwell.

I have been told that the drain holes on this car are poor anyway but didnt get much more information than that!

There is some surface rust around the sunroof where the water has been sitting which will need sorting out


{year found via a forum search}

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 20/01/2008 at 12:48

Tags: technical issues water ingress windscreens windscreen

1997 - sunroof drain holes - Saltrampen
Leaks through the Aerial on the eq. Citroen (saxo) has been up on this site and Door seal leaks are a known prob on 106's. Check these things out just to eliminate them if nothing else.

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