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2001 1.4 - clutch problem - octa
pedal must be depressed to floor to engage, released about 50mm.1st. and reverse are hardest to engage , without grinding. any suggestions?.not a major problem, but would like to sort out!.

{year and engine found via forum search. Assume correct? Helps make the question less vague}

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2001 1.4 - clutch problem - Robin the Technician
Suggest you go and get a new clutch cable. It sounds like the automatic adjuster has failed. You can get a cable from any Partco or Halfords. IIRC its fairly easy to fit - just a bit fiddly getting it off the pedal end.

Hope this helps
2001 1.4 - clutch problem - octa
robin.......rover 45 has hydraulic operated clutch!!!!
experience with faulty clutch - octa
Clutch problem symptoms--engaging nearer/nearer to floor,causing grinding.Indicated master/slave cylinder failure.Garage replaced same---no improvement.This indicated clutch failure.When gearbox was removed problem was found to be a bent clutch fork
Master/slave cylinder,clutch kit +clutch fork total cost parts+labour=950Euros.
This may be of interest to other drivers with similar clutch problems!!!!!!

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