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Engine management light... - Joel
Not so long back my clio came up with this engine management light (little orange icon in between clocks.), which limited my revs to 2500. I pulled over and switched off my engine which reset the ECU, then days later it came on again and over time its got worse. Now its every 5 mins or so... ive spent a fortune on it in garages and no body can find the problem. Its had a new throttle body, new pedal and all wiring has been checked. Can anyone help me before im bankrupt?

Thanks for reading, any help or suggestions appreciated...

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Engine management light... - dawnteabag
I had this problem too - light came on intermittently. After much to-ing and fro-ing my garage said that it was due to a wire being knocked about underneath the passenger seat. I, being the fool that I am, had been using the storage area under the passenger seat for storage !!!!! and this had knocked the wire. I've stopped storing things under there and the light has stopped coming on.
Engine management light... - Screwloose

The light merely indicates that a fault-code is stored.

What codes were found; what year and what exact engine?
Engine management light... - dawnteabag
its a 1.2 16v engine 54 plate and the light didn't indicate a fault - just a loose connection on a wire. I had it back to the dealers under warranty and they did every check they could, then it stopped when they moved the passenger seat.
Engine management light... - Screwloose

I've a feeling that your light was for a fault-code stored in the air-bag system; Joel's is an engine management light.
Engine management light... - Dynamic Dave
What codes were found; what year and what exact engine?

Screwloose, unfortunately he hasn't returned since he posted his question on the 12th Dec 07.
Engine management light... - Screwloose

That'll teach me to skive off on some paying work and then come back late to 50+ questions across 11 different forums - and forget to check the date of the OP.....
Engine management light... - dod377
try wiggling tdc sensor when someone tries to start it for you. Another thing to try is checking three black relay which have a plastic cover over them where the main fuses are from the positive terminal of battery. If they have any corrosion, try scraping them and spray contacts with WD40.

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