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2001 X reg TDi cambelt change intervals - Ian D
My girlfriend has a Ford Focus CL TDDi 1753cc with the Endura Di diesel engine fitted, the car is ex Police (not a marked car but a known plod runabout by her father who was a civilian police employee) and has done 112,000 miles.

I have a police workshop printout (Devon) which shows it was serviced every 5000 miles by the plod garage, unfortunately I do not have details of what they did at each service, Ford claim that the cambelt interval is 100,000 miles or 10 years, internet searches advise as low as 35k, the belt I inspected today and it is a Motaquip belt so has been changed at some point and it looks OK, although there is a squeak (may be aux drive belt tensioner), so what I was wondering is, is this engine prone to cam belt failures? If it is I will get the belt kit changed anyway, but I was hoping to wait a while before getting it changed. Any up to date advice about belts/failures on that engine appreciated.

many thanks

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2001 X reg Focus TDi cambelt change intervals - jc2
I though it was 80k on those engines but I would change every 60k.

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