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1.6 8v - uneven idle / hunting ? - cheddar
Hello All,

Wife's 1.6 8v Clio RXE manual, drives fine (excellent actually) though idles at about 1200rpm and sometimes initially, when first coming to a stop, hunts between 1200 and 1500rpm.

CTS issues can effect idling though it starts / runs fine otherwise whether cold or hot so I dont think it is CTS related.

Had two minor idle related problems before:
1/ Around early 2002 low idle and occasional cutting out was initially diagnosed as idle control stepper motor though cured by using Shell/BP rather than Tesco fuel.
2/ Around mid 2006 lumpy idle cured by cleaning crank position sensor on top of gearbox.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.


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1.6 8v - uneven idle / hunting ? - cheddar

1.6 8v - uneven idle / hunting ? - Number_Cruncher
I don't know the engine**, but with these symptoms, I would make absolutely sure that the throttle is closing fully - not being blocked by gunk in the throttle body, and not being stopped by a mis-adjusted throttle cable. It's usually best to have slack in the throttle cable, to ensure that you can reach the idle position.

It's probably not a big job to clean the throttle body, and the any idle by-pass (I'm don't know if the idle speed control is via an air valve in a throttle by-pass or via the stepper motor acting directly on the throttle on this engine)

After all this, I would check the throttle position sensor reading at idle, and compare with specs - making a correction as necessary.

** It's a Renault after all - I'm more averse to them than I am visits to the dentist!


1.6 8v - uneven idle / hunting ? - cheddar
** It's a Renault after all - I'm more averse to them than I am
visits to the dentist!

Thanks NC, this one has been a great car, it is still great to drive, the gutsy 1.6 engine makes it punchy and the gear ratios are great so it pulls strongly in each consecutive gear, 38mpg average over 45k miles. Aircon, ABS, elec windows and elec sunroof. A local Yaris of a similar age has been much more troublesome and a local Polo also of a similar age exhbits a lot of corrosion where as there is none apparent on the Clio.

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