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Broken spring - Dan29
Hi all - I'm not having a lot of luck with my car recently..!

Driving over the flow plates into my work car park this morning, the front o/s coil spring snapped.

I'll book it into a garage to be replaced tomorrow; is it essential to replace the n/s spring as well?

Also does anyone have any idea of how much I'm looking at for the part and labour?


Tags: owning repairs warranties legal and consumer advice brakes

Broken spring - Screwloose

Book time is 54 minutes for one, or 1.5 hours to replace both sides; [very desirable] consider having the struts/dampers replaced at the same time if you've done more than 40,000.

Broken spring - Dan29
Car has done more than 140,000..!

Thanks as ever Screwloose. What's the risk of not replacing both - just that as one has failed the other one is probably on the way out? Or is it a handling issue?
Broken spring - Screwloose

No question about doing one or both if you've done those miles; you've got to do both springs - and dampers. It'd handle like a pig with one new spring.

While they're at it; fit new dampers to the back too - with a full set of new "shock absorbers" you'll notice the amazing difference even before you turn the key.
Broken spring - Dan29
Thanks very much Screwloose.

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