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Toyota Avensis Workshop manual - Bob
I am looking for a manual for a 2001 Avensis D4D. Can anyone help me to avoid paying Toyota the price of a new manual. Haynes don't publish one

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Toyota Avensis Workshop manual - Dave N
If Haynes or Chiltons don't do one, then your only option is the proper one from Toyota. It will cost you a fair bit, and is probably about 6 volumes covering everything. You may be able to just buy the section that's relevent, but it all depends on finding someone helpful, and if Toyota will sell to the public, not many will.
Toyota Avensis Workshop manual - David Lacey
I would expect the workshop manual to be contained on CDROM.
Our MGR ones are and we are NOT allowed to resell them

It's going to get interesting with Block Exemption coming up.....
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Toyota Avensis Workshop manual - Bob
You make an interesting point regarding the availability of manufacturers manual. The Toyota dealer has not refused to sell one, its just expensive. In the past I tried purchased a Volvo 850 manual. The dealer said that they were not allowed to sell it. It didn't take much effort on the telephone to Volvo to point out to them that they were acting illegally in telling their dealers that they cannot sell manuals. They telephoned the dealer in question who was then extremely helpfull in identifying the chapters of the manual that I needed for my particular car. The message seems to be, if you are prepared to pay the high manufacturer's prices for the manuals that are used in the dealers workshops then you can get then by leaning on the manufacturer.

Toyota Avensis Workshop manual - David Lacey
I should point out that the paper-based manuals are freely available for sale from MGR via the Dealer Network to the general public, just the RAVE CDROMS are not, due to the sensitive TSB info contained therein.

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