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2002 1.6 timing belt - Kingpin
Hi there, I have just bought a 2002 Astra 1.6 Club (8 valve engine) that is five years old and has just covered 50,000 miles. I am considering changing the timing belt and tensioner which I suspect are original, but have been told not to worry as on these engines they are safe for 80.000 miles or 8 years which seems a long time.
I know the 16 valve models are worth changing at 40,000 miles - has anyone other ideas about the 8 valve model?


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Astra 1.6 2002 timing belt - Dynamic Dave
these engines they are safe for 80.000 miles or 8 years

Yep. That is the recommended interval for the 8 valve engine.

The following link contains servicing schedules / cambelt changes for the Astra-G, as recommended by Vauxhall in May 2004. As far as I am aware the dates / intervals mentioned have not since changed.


Astra 1.6 2002 timing belt - Kingpin
Cheers, thanks Dave that is very reassuring and has put my mind at rest until a few more miles.
Astra 1.6 2002 timing belt - Ruperts Trooper
When you do change the cambelt & tensioner, change the water pump as well - it's one of the pulleys on the cambelt routing so water pump failure on a Vauxhall often cause the cambelt to break! Once the engine has been "stripped" to replace the belt there's virtually no extra work to replace the pump but if you do it any other time then the stripdown labour will have to be paid for twice. And anyway, 80,000 miles is an acceptable life for a water pump.

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