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Renault Laguna Est Diesel 06 - ESP light - Saltrampen
My Mate's Laguna was serviced recently - after (a day?) the ESP light starts flashing (never done this before).
His tyres needed rebalancing and he had this done 2 weeks after the service at a fast fit type centre, but the light is still on. (Although not saying this is the only cause)
Will the ESP light go if the fault is corrected or once on, does it need a dealer to turn it off?
Could something done during the service (1yr service / 38k) cause the light to come on?

Tags: technical issues ESP electrical faults ABS warning lights

Renault Laguna Est Diesel 06 - ESP light - Galad
FiL's Scenic (2006 on a P plate) did the same thing in May and when he took it to the dealer was told that as the car was manufactured in May 2006, the computer was automatically flagging up that an inspection was required at 12 months. Might be something similar?

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