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E220 CDI nightmare - Colin Odell
The continuing story;

Vehicle Inspectorate now involved and are investigating the problems that Merc's have put in writing re. the water getting into the dashboard, which, seems to be causing problems with electrics/computer management system.
Other complaints received for same faults.
Are there any more horrified Merc drivers out their?

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Tags: technical issues known defect electrical faults insurance DPF

Re: Mercedes E220 CDI nightmare - Tomo
What is progress? They did not have these troubles with the SSKL!
Re: Mercedes E220 CDI nightmare - Andy Bairsto
There are thousands In Germany queing up at the courts.I think there was enough warning messages in this forum about E class DB so if you bought one after reading the warnings what can one say.The E class was the backbone of the German taxi mart it is now disappearing very fast.
Re: Mercedes E220 CDI nightmare - DarylD
Have a look in here...US biased but interesting:


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